All about Pilot Frixion Pens.

There are variety of marking tools: air erasable, water erasable, heating erasable. But Pilot Frixion pens are my favorite marking tools. Here are the reasons why I use them the most and can recommend for you:

💜You can iron to erase the ink or use hot air from hair drier. Super handy. You don't have to wash your embroidery and make wet (if you used water erasable markers), then the structure of floss is changing and your stitches are not so perfect as before.

💜Another reason is why I really like them because of skinny line - this way you can make accurate shapes for your embroidery project.

💜You can find it in the office supply section of your local store or on amazon. I like that they are available in different colors and it's useful if you need to mark different segments at the same time.

But I have to tell about something that you should be aware:

⚠️Different fabric reacts differently! Remember they are initially designed for paper and they are not meant for fabric. So before using them for the first time or on some new unusual fabric - test it! Draw something and try to heat - sometimes it can leave some ghost white lines especially on colorful or dark fabrics.

⚠️It can be not washed away - if you will try to wash it to remove ghost lines. You are warned))) So when you are stitching just stitch on top of lines and cover them by your stitches. They are not visible after heating on white fabrics but for colored and dark - just be careful.

⚠️Do not leave those pens in the car in the summer - the ink will disappear completely inside the pen and will be not bright as before even if you put it in refrigerator to recover (there must be from -10 to -18 by Celsius).

⚠️Keep in mind that the ink can go back in cold weather or cold water. To make it disappear again just iron it one more time.

Whenever marking tool you are going to use - try on some small piece of fabric and test how it behaves to see how it works in different cases. If you have any other options - please let me know, I would like to hear about them and discus.

In my work I use those Pilot Frixion heating erasable gel pens to trace the design onto light or coloured fabric. They can be different colours and it's comfortable to mark different objects or stitches directions. For dark fabrics I find useful Clover heating erasable pen. You can find them all on Amazon:

Pilot Frixion Bundle

White Clover Pen

Clover Pen Bundle Markers