Iron on Transfer Pen 🖊 and all you need to know about it

I tried iron on transfer pen for the first time when I used that jeans fabric for Cozy Winter Cottage project. It was not thin enough to see through it even using light pad so I was looking for some other options. There was few pattern transferring methods for such case in my mind: iron on pen; water erasable stabilizer; carbon paper

As I was using it for the first time I did some mistakes so please watch this video tutorial about preparation and getting ready before starting:

If to summarize so In this video tutorial I’m telling about all things you need to know about iron on pens and how to avoid mistakes that I did:

  • If it’s new pen before using it just give it a bit of shake and push few times on some piece of paper to have some ink.

  • Don’t forget to flip your image before transferring or draw it on the back side of paper like I did.

  • The ink is permanent! Be careful when drawing and making mistakes ( it will be also transferred to the fabric). You can cover your mistakes by another piece of paper or sticker.

  • Then remember it when stitching you will need to cover the lines by your stitches, extend your stitches outside of the borders to cover the lines. So this way lines will not be visible.

  • You can transfer design to baking paper so you will not need light pad and you will be able to see through it when transferring.

  • Be careful - felt fabric can burn and melt when ironing. Avoid direct contact with iron when transferring, make sure there is paper between iron and felt.

  • Make sure the steam is turned off before ironing.

  • Don’t overheat - the lines become a little bit bolder that original lines when overheated.

  • Don’t move the paper when ironing, use masking tape to fix it in place (but don’t iron on places with masking tape - the glue will stick to the fabric and there is no way to take it off).

I like that this pen has a thin point and I can make such fine lines. And I can use the same paper multiple times over and over. Perfect image every time. It actually opens a lot of possibilities especially for repeated motifs.

You can find them on Amazon by one and in bundle