Main errors in embroidery

✂️STRONG THREAD TENSION. I always say that you don't need to pull the thread too hard, it should lie free. It can cause the holes in your fabric and puckering.

✂️BORDER BETWEEN COLOR TRANSITION. The border should not be visible, the color should smoothly transition from one to another. A clear border doesn't look pretty. Here is my step by step tutorial how to do perfect gradient.

✂️DIRECTION OF THE STITCHES. A very common mistake is that the stitches "dance" in different directions. In all video courses I talk about direction, this is an important element with which the embroidery can look neat if you follow the right direction. I even make illustrations for my patterns to guide you and show where your stitches direction should go.

✂️FABRIC TENSION. If your fabric is not sit tight in the hoop you will have issues with puckering. That's why I bind my working hoops to have perfect fabric tension.

✂️WRONG FABRIC TYPE. Do not use fabric which is scratching, if you want to stitch on your clothes - use stabilizer. Which fabric is best for embroidery? It's a common questions and you can find your answer here.

✂️TOO LONG THREAD. It tends to tangle and make unwanted knots. I usually use thread which is 13 inches long (35 cm). It's a distance from the top of my fingers and elbow. If I need
2 strands and want to start from the loop I cut twice longer thread and fold it together. I have also a good article about how to prepare your threads for stitching here.

Those are the most common mistakes that you can avoid if you know them😉

What mistakes or difficulties do you have in embroidery? Please share with me in the comments 🤗 and I give some advices 💕