Metallic Threads | My Tips & Tricks

They are not flexible as usual cotton threads, a lot of people avoid them to use, because they seem to be difficult to stitch. In this video tutorial I will show how to work with them so you will not got crazy, yes metallic threads can be tricky. You will not be afraid of using them anymore, I promise.

The tip # 1 Use twice shorter thread than usual and only 1 strand. Normally we use 1 strand and fold it together in half, so for metallic threads I recommend to use 1 strand and not folding it in half. The length of the thread should be no more than the distance from the fingers to the elbow (20 inches).

The tip #2 Untwist the thread from time to time and it will help to lay it flat. Take your time, no rush.

The tip #3 You can try to stitch together with one strand of regular cotton thread (the same shade) to make it easier to stitch and lay down more flat.

DO NOT directly iron it and steam! Just in case, always put another piece of fabric or towel when ironing, use lower temperatures. I did ironing such Gamma and DMS threads and they feel fine but just in case ;) Maybe I was just lucky.

By following those simple recommendations you can use metallic threads to embellish your embroidery stress free!