Pattern Transferring Using Light Sources

Sometimes the cotton fabric is thin enough and I can see through it without any light. But if your fabric is thick so you need some source of light to see through it. I use Pilot Frixion heating erasable gel pens to trace the design onto light or coloured fabric. They can be different colours and it's comfortable to mark different objects or stitches directions. For dark fabrics I find useful Clover heating erasable pen. You can find them all on Amazon:

Pilot Frixion Bundle

White Clover Pen

Clover Pen Bundle Markers

Daylight from your window

Just fix paper with pattern and your fabric using masking tape so it will not move while you are tracing the lines. It was the method the I used for the first time. The walls in my house are thick and my window is far from the place where I stand, so it is not comfortable to trace bigger and more detailed patterns this way, and I'm stitching a lot so I was looking for better ways.

Desktop lamp

can be also used for pattern transferring. Stretch your fabric in the hoop, cut out the pattern in the circle shape (it should be the same size as your inner hoop), put on the back and hold your hoop near your lamp. Here is a great video tutorial by Lolli and Grace.

Tablet screen or monitor of your computer

(great option for those who do not have printer). Those methods are working well for light, coloured and dark fabric as well. Make sure you are not pushing to the screen, do it gently to not damage it. Here is great video tutorial about how to turn off touch function on your iPad for tracing by Gulush Threads.

Light Pad

I personally decided to invest in the Light Pad and it's now my favourite method. It's not expensive, you can find it on Amazon just for $10-$15: A4 - and A5 -

They can be in 2 sizes (A4 and A5) and it has 3 levels of light, which is strong enough for dark fabrics. It's really life-changing and makes my life much easier, I use my light pad 3 years already and it's definitely worth it.

Hope that helps 💕More articles about pattern transferring are coming.