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Everything you need to help Ukrainians in their fight for peace and freedom – in one place.

You can save lives, no matter where in the world you are.

A simple donation. A few clicks on your keyboard.

Exchange your donation to embroidery pattern 💙💛

You can donate directly to support Ukraine 🇺🇦 then make a screenshot and contact me on Instagram or by email embroideryartbynat@gmail.com to exchange it to this embroidery pattern. The are no small donations! Each dollar is vital 💙💛 Just send a screenshot and let me know your email, I will send a pdf in 24 hours.

Stitch along with Ukraine in your heart with me, share your progress and invite others to join, use #peaceforukrainesal hashtag on Instagram and tag me.

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Support my Hometown Mykolayiv

I was born in Mykolaivska oblast and I was living in Mykolayiv city during almost 20 years. All my friends and family still there. Mykolayiv is an active conflict area right now. You can trust this charity campaign created by Vladislav Nikolaichuk. He will make sure any donations received go directly to the people and efforts who need it.

If you have an opportunity to provide humanitarian aid to Mykolaiv, here are contacts (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram):

+380675121592 Natalia

+380506699696 Serhiy


This fund supports the Armed Forces of Ukraine through financing purely defence initiatives. It does not use funds for purchasing arms. Their mission is limited to supplying technology, trainings, and ammunition to help save lives of Ukrainians and help our warriors defend Ukraine.

UNICEF Fund for supporting Ukrainian children


Help and donate now! Find the official details here.

Save Pets of Ukraine

Animals that have been left to fend for themselves on the streets also need rescue. It’s more than 150,000 cats and dogs in Ukraine.

Currently, the initiative is critically short of food to feed homeless animals in areas under constant fire. We have processed inquiries throughout Ukraine and have 235 active applications from zoo volunteers and shelters, with a total need of almost 27 tons for cats and 82 tons for dogs. That's why we ask you to help your four-legged friends. Each of your donuts will be converted into food for the Save Pets of Ukraine initiative.

More about the initiative here: www.savepetsofukraine.kormotech.com

Humanitarian Aid

Support real people suffering from the war: families, children, refugees, medics.

Official state hotline numbers for providing humanitarian aid. Calls from abroad or Ukraine: +380 44 237 00 02

Humanitarian aid account of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine (food, shelter, medicine, clothes and other help for refugees). Find the bank transfer details for your appropriate currency here.

Find More Options for Donations

You can help Ukrainian makers on Etsy

1. Go to etsy.com and type in search “hand embroidery pattern" or anything else you like to make: crochet pattern, cross stitch pattern and so on.

2. Choose button "All Filters"

3. Scroll down and find "Shop Location" category

4. Choose "Custom" and type "Ukraine"

The result: In front of you embroidery patterns from Ukrainian sellers. Digital PDF Pattern is automatically available for download right after purchase. Please buy something for yourself, for a friend as a gift or just for support.


Donate to Ukraine’s Defenders

They’re fighting for peace not only in Ukraine, but in all of Europe. We believe in Ukrainian armed forces. We will defend our freedom and protect the democratic world, we will stand strong, but WE DO NEED YOUR SUPPORT! Stand on the side of justice and freedom.

Join the Foreign Legion

If you have the experience and the motivation, you can help protect Ukraine directly by joining the Foreign Legion of Territorial Defense of Ukraine. The best way to do so is via your nearest Ukrainian Embassy or Consulate.

Protect freedom & peace in our fight against Russian aggression!

Become a Medical Volunteer

Every day more and more families and children need medical assistance due to Russian aggression. Soldiers need emergency medical aid. Ukrainian medics sorely need assistance both on the front lines and in the rear.

If you have medical experience – you can save lives!

Fill out the form here: https://bit.ly/questionnaire_UA

Full details from the Ministry of Health here

Remember: Russia is not a liberator, but an aggressor attacking independent country.

1. Remain informed about the situation in Ukraine and share truthful information about the war on social media to fight Russian propaganda. You can repost an article from a trusted source, a photo taken by photographers in the field or a post from people who are knowledgeable about the situation in Ukraine. Please remain vigilant about the information you share.

2. If you know someone from Ukraine or someone who has a family there - reach out to this person and show them your support. A simple message like: “I’m thinking of you/your family and friends in Ukraine” means a lot and shows this person that they are not alone with thins tragedy.

3. Write to your representatives and ask them to support Ukraine: provide the necessary aid, apply sanctions to Russia, help refugees and do everything in their power to stoop this conflict. The more letters representatives will receive - the more likely they will do something. Remember, your votes brought them to the office, so your opinion matters.

4. If you are working for a company - reach out too your boss or supervisor and ask them what your company can do to help Ukraine. It could be a company statement that shows solidarity and support with Ukrainians, a company-organized fundraising, event or meeting.

If you have Ukrainian colleagues - send them an email or tell in person that you support Ukraine.

5. Join demonstrations in support of Ukraine in your area. The more people go out and show solidarity around the world - the more energy and motivation it brings to Ukrainians to continue fighting. It also shows your position to your politicians and can directly affect their decisions in helping Ukraine.

6. If you meet Ukrainian refugees in your area, ask them if they need any help or guidance. They may need help in understanding local transportation, finding out where to buy groceries or other small things that you as a local could know.

7. If you have a spare room, you can host Ukrainian refugees.Check out your local refugee organisations to find out where you can apply to be a host.

8. If you live in the neighbouring European countries with Ukraine you can volunteer at the border. Either serving food, or sorting donations, or offering a ride to refugees if you have a car. Please check out your local refugee organisations for more information.

9. If you live in Europe - check out local Red Cross websites for information about blood donation. Some countries are planning to collect blood for wounded Ukrainians through Red Cross in the nearest future.

10. Please share and tag someone who needs to see this 🙏