About Me

I’m Natalie, the lady behind Embroidery Art by Nat and this is my story. In the childhood I was always drawing something and liked hand made. I learned the basics of embroidery from my grandma when I was about 6 years old. But I didn't do hand embroidery much, I was cross stitching during 15 years at school and when I was a student.

I started hand embroidery to get some relaxation and stress relieve in 2017 as a hobby. I opened separate Instagram account to just have some fun and share my embroidery with others, find other creative people and connect. As usual I didn't follow any patterns and created my own designs by drawing right on the fabric.

People started asking for patterns and kits. I didn't know how to make them and sell so I started investigation and learned how to do it. And I thought wow, it’s actually possible to make money with my passion. So I took my art much more seriously.

After 1 year I had my own Etsy shop and I loved to pack orders, it’s so great that I can send something right to your door steps even if you are living on the other side of planet.

Then I started my YouTube channel and now I’m sharing tutorials and providing a great value for beginners because many people were asking me the same questions all the time and I knew that they need someone to teach them and help to learn embroidery.

I created my own page on Patreon and it became my little online embroidery school (because this is what people wanted and asking if I’m teaching embroidery). I like making educational articles and tutorials for my patrons there, they became my best fellows. I’m so grateful that I can do what I love and hope I can do that for a very long time.

I believe that my mission here on earth is to except myself and help others, create the life I love doing by what I love.

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